Pseudo-Analysis: measures of general conditional information

Pseudo-Analysis: Measures of General Conditional Information

Volume 2, Issue 2, Page No 36-40, 2017


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1”Sapienza”-University of Rome, Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engeneering, 00161, Rome Italy
2Retaired, Italy

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Adv. Sci. Technol. Eng. Syst. J. 2(2), 36-40 (2017); a DOI: 10.25046/aj020206

Keywords: General information, Conditional information, Pseudo-operations, Independent property, Functional equations



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The aim of this paper is to continue our study of information in the setting of Pseudo-Analysis. We shall present, by axiomatic way, the definition of measures of general conditional information and we shall study particular measure by using a system of functional equations in which it is present a pseudo-operation. We know that J.Aczel is the founder of the Theory of Functional Equations and he solved the so called ”Cauchy Equation”. The method used in this paper consists in reducing the principal equation, to some basic known equations solved by Aczel and his school. With Benvenuti we studied a generalization of the Cauchy Equation and following these our results, we are able to give the general solution of the system and the expression for this measure of general conditional information.

Received: 28 December 2017, Accepted: 06 February 2017, Published Online: 25 February 2017

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