Implementation Of Carlson Survey Software2009 In Survey Works And Comparison With CDS Software

Implementation Of Carlson Survey Software2009 In Survey Works And Comparison With CDS Software

Volume 2, Issue 2, Page No 11-18, 2017

Author’s Name: Mohamed Faraj EL Megrahi a)

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Assistant Lecturer, Higher Institute for Building Trades and Construction, Benghazi, Libya.

a)Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:

Adv. Sci. Technol. Eng. Syst. J. 2(2), 11-18 (2017); a DOI: 10.25046/aj020203

Keywords: Survey Automation, Cds Civil Design Software, Carlson Survey Software, Data Processing and Collection Methods



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The automation surveying is one of the most influential changes to surveying concept and profession has had to go through, this has taken effect in two major courses, hardware (instrumentation used in data collection and presentation), and the software (the applications used in data processing and manipulation). Automation is majorly computer based and just like all such systems is subject to improvement often; this is manifested in the new kinds of instrumentation models every few years such as total station and newer versions of software’s. The software that has the potential to completely affect survey automation is Carlson Surveying Software. This when coupled with total station as data processing and collection methods respectively; is capable of greatly improving productivity while reducing time and cost required in the long run. However, it is only natural for users to desire a competent software and be able to choose from what is available on the market based on guided research and credible information from previous researches. Such studies not only help in choice of software but are also handy when it comes to testing approaches and recommending improvements based on advantages and disadvantages to the manufacturers to help in advancement in the software industry for better and more comfortable use. The expected outcome of the research is a successful implementation of Carlson survey 2009 software in survey works and a comparison with other existing software like Civil Design Software (CDS) was highlighted its advantages and disadvantages.

Received: 15 January 2017, Accepted: 12 February 2017, Published Online: 25 February 2017

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